Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Abortion is getting more common amongst the young.

Abortion is a bit of an hot topic at the moment. The main issue is whether the abortion limit should be reduced from 24 weeks due to the increased chances of survival we are seeing at that stage of pregnancy. I for one agree, it should be reduced to 22 weeks and then be assessed in twelve months time to see if 20 weeks would be more appropriate.

On the subject of abortion, I came across some quite startling figures today:

In England alone, during the period 2002-2006 there were 99,620 recorded pregnancies for under 17 year olds. Of those 50,763 (51%) were aborted. The figures show that the percentage of abortions has increased over the period: 50% were aborted in 2002 compared to 53% aborted in 2006.

We are seeing approximately 20,000 under 17 pregnancies in England each year and there seems to be no sign of that improving. What can we do to drastically cut the 10,000+/year under 17 abortions? Is sex education working?

It would be handy to give the following information to teenage girls - it may make them think twice about getting pregnant in the first place:

Types of abortion

Early medical abortion (up to nine weeks). This method involves taking two tablets, one two days after the other, and together they will induce cramping that will result in the uterus breaking down and the embryo being flushed out. This may also be called medical abortion or using the abortion pill.

Vacuum aspiration abortion (five to fifteen weeks). This method involves a tube being inserted into the vagina and using suction to remove the embryo from the uterus. This is sometimes also called the suction method.

Dilation and evacuation (fifteen to nineteen weeks). This method involves stretching the cervix open with forceps and using suction to remove the embryo from the uterus. This may also be called D&E and be considered the suction method.


Toque said...

Irrespective of your politics or religious views I think you really need to substitute the word 'common' for 'popular'.

I've heard that premature death is more popular in inner city Glasgow than it is in leafy Surrey.

Daily Referendum said...


Good point about the title.