Wednesday, 19 March 2008

And I thought I was just lazy - Hypothyroidism.

I've been quite ill on and off for about a year, at one point I thought that I was having and heart attack. After several blood tests and lot of investigation it turns out that I've got Hypothyroidism. Basically I've got an under-active thyroid gland. Apparently the Thyroid is the body's gearbox and mine is running below idle. I pick my medication up tomorrow and from what I've read on the subject I should see an almost immediate improvement in my health (if I take the tablets for the rest of my life).

The main symptoms are: Tiredness, lethargy, intolerance to cold, dry skin and hair loss, slowing of intellectual activity e.g. poor memory and difficulty concentrating, decreased appetite with weight gain. Basically, if the medication doesn't work I need to be shot.

The reason I'm telling you all this is that I'm hoping someone out there has got the same condition and that they will tell me the medication works. I'm fed up of feeling like I can't be arsed to do anything, and I hoping that I'll be like a spring lamb once the medication cuts in.


Pablo the Scot said...

My wife has the condition. She discovered she had it after our 3rd baby. She has been on the tablets ever since. I would say that, provided the doseage is correct, the treatment works well. Best of luck!

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Pablo,

Glad your wife is feeling better.

Anonymous said...


Thyroxin does work. I had symptoms of tiredness, lack of energy, slowing mental ability and loss of memory and I thought I was going mad: my better half thought I had just become lazy.
But get your thyroxin level right and you'll be fine. But remeber to push your GP to have regular tests and get do your homework as your GP probably will not.

Good luck; you will feel fine in the near future.

Rob Duff
Kewstoke, Nr Weston-super-Mare

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for leaving a message. I've only been on the tablets a few days but I swear that I can tell the difference. I just feel like I've got a lot more energy. I've got a follow up blood test in six weeks to see if they have got the level right.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

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Betty said...

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