Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gordon Brown - Pathetic Scaremonger (annual security assessment).

If you are doing bad in the Polls and the people seem to be turning against you, and if you want to push an unpopular policy on them, there is one tried and tested method to gain their support: scare them. In a couple of weeks Gordon Brown will try to extend the time limit terror suspects can be held without charge to 32 days. So in his first annual assessment to MPs of the security risks facing Britain, Brown will warn of rogue states with Nuclear weapons, terrorists with dirty bombs and electronic war on our computer systems. I find this quite funny because the people of the UK are starting to realise that the biggest threat to their well-being is Gordon Brown himself.

Brown is also going to announce that he wants to set up four regional counter-terrorism units and four regional intelligence units. Just great that is! Just when we are facing a global economic downturn, Gordon wants to set up what will most likely be another multi-million (if not billion) pound set of quangos. The man is an arse. This will obviously mean more power to the state and more intrusion into our everyday lives. No doubt this will be another body that demands access to all of our personal information. We have got to stop expanding government. We need to put the brakes on spending on new state projects and concentrate on getting our current infrastructure working i.e schools and hospitals, maternity wards and transport, energy and immigration.

How a man who is leading the government that opened up our borders to just about anybody and then failed to keep track of them can talk about security is beyond me. The bloke who guarded his bloody car was a illegal immigrant for Christ sake. Not to mention the illegal working on the front desk of the Home Office checking security passes! I don't think this Labour government are intentionally ruining this country, It's just that they haven't got the first clue how to run it. They have redefined the word incompetent.

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