Monday, 17 March 2008

ICM Poll gives the Conservatives a 13 point lead.

An ICM poll for tomorrow's Guardian confirms that Labour are definitely losing public support. The Conservatives are on 42%, Labour, 29% and the LibDems are on 21%. At this rate the LibDems will overtake Labour.

Does anyone know the last time that a Liberal party out-polled Labour?

It's the referendum. Labour and certain parts of the media have been trying to play down the importance (to the people) of the Lisbon Treaty. Constantly saying that the people weren't interested and that it wasn't a priority. That may be so, but democracy is a priority. The people are not so dumb (no matter what Brown and co may think) not to realise that they have been cheated out of their right to vote. The people know that they have not been allowed a vote because the government would not like the result.

Many now realise that to re-establish democracy in this country, Brown and Labour must go.


lettersfromatory said...

Oh dear. The Lib Dems are starting to chip away at Labour, even though they are clearly not contributing to political debate themselves.

Travis Bickle said...

Oh dear hopefully 100+ Labour MPs made redundant, there must be some apt words for such a desirable scenario, yep ... SO WHAT

Daily Referendum said...


I'm looking forward to today's opposition debate on post offices. It will be interesting to see many Labour MPs squirm.

P.S loved the expenses story. BZ.

Daily Referendum said...


Yep - I think "So what?" sums it up nicely.