Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Post Office closures - How will Labour MPs vote?

Don't miss tomorrow's Opposition Day debate in the House of Commons, it's going to be a beauty. The Conservatives are to call for a vote to suspend Post Office closures (they believe that the time given for people to complain is too short). This vote will be a huge embarrassment for Gordon Brown and Labour MPs. Many of those Labour MPs have campaigned to keep their local Post Offices open, and now they must put their money where their mouths are and vote against the closures. What to do? - Vote against Gordon Brown and the Cabinet who are pushing for the closures, or face the wrath of their constituents? Oh what joy!

From the Daily Telegraph: 20 Government ministers - including seven members of the Cabinet, were battling to save their local post offices prompting accusations of "rank hypocrisy".
The Telegraph claims that Labour Party insiders say that they relaxed about the vote because even though it may embarrass the government - it is not legally binding. I think they are trying to say "So what?". I wonder how low the Labour party can sink. First they break their manifesto promise to give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and now they are campaigning for the Post Offices that THEY are closing to stay open. I swear most of these Labour MPs have more faces than Big Ben (I know it's not called Big Ben).

In case you are interested, here is a list of Labour Ministers who have campaigned to keep THEIR local Post Office open:

Geoff Hoon, Chief Whip
Paul Murphy, Welsh Secretary
Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary
Tessa Jowell, Olympics Minister
Jack Straw, Justice Secretary
Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary
John Denham, Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary
Kitty Ussher, Treasury Minister
Kim Howells, Foreign Office Minister
David Lammy, Innovation, Universities and Skills Minister
Jim Knight, Children, Schools and Families Minister:
Joan Ruddock, pictured, Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs Minister
Gillian Merron, International Development Minister
Parmjit Dhanda, Communities and Local Government Minister
Anne Keen, Health Minister
Diana Johnson, Whip
Sadiq Khan, Whip
Bob Blizzard, Whip
Wayne David, Whip
Sarah McCarthy, Whip's office

Don't forget, seven of these wonderful people are members of the cabinet that took the decision to close our Post Offices.

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