Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My list - What should the Conservatives do next?

Conservative Home are asking: What should the Conservatives do next?

Here is my list (for starters):

Give discretion back to the police

Give personal responsibility back to the people.

Addiction cannot be used in mitigation of crime.

No early release of prisoners.

Make all PCSOs Constables and then scrap the position of PCSO.

Raise drinking age to 21 outside of pubs and clubs.

£500 fine for anyone caught supplying alcohol to kids (outside of the home).

Allow police to use greater force when yobs are resisting arrest.

Call young locked up criminals, "young prisoners", not bloody trainees.

Stop the benefits of those refusing to work. They will find it when they are skint.

Re-introduce the word "Shame" back into society - many have forgotten the meaning of the word. (This is the No1 reason for the state our country is in).

Banish Jeremy Kyle

Realise that Mary Whitehouse was right about TV.

Move watershed to 10pm

Any program that requires bleeps will not be shown before 10pm.

Subsidise buses to make them cheaper than using your own car.

Scrap charges for hospital parking.

English votes on English matters.


Pablo the Scot said...

I would add:

No person convicted of a crime and imprisoned shall be judged to have any Human Rights until they have served their sentence.

That should stop criminals living the life of Larry in jail

flats said...

Human Rights, Stop the war and love and peace to everybody, is this so hard to do? thinking about erasing from the Earth, I mean from the forms...cheers

Anonymous said...

Crikey, looks like you had your Weetabix this morning!

A nice, simple and appealing set of suggestions.

Praguetory said...

N1, Steve. What letters from a tory said.