Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Post Office closures - MPs are voting now.

MPs have just gone to division to vote on the Conservative's motion to suspend Post Office closures. The vote follows and Opposition Day debate in the House of Commons. It was amazing to see Business Secretary John Hutton defend the indefensible in the latter stages of the debate. You could tell his heart was not in it - probably because he is aware that he was more than likely committing electoral suicide.

The result follows shortly.

Votes for a suspension to the closures = 268

Votes against = 288

Can you believe it? The public are betrayed once again by their Labour MPs.

Note: I will of course publish a full list of those Labour MPs who voted for the closure program to go ahead. 90 Labour MPs, seven of whom are in the Cabinet, had been campaigning against the post office closures. What a bunch of stinking hypocrites.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...


The reason for these closures is down to EU policy. Go to the UKIP website. The story is on the front page.