Friday, 31 October 2008

Glenrothes by-election - Gordon Brown joins campaign.

Gordon BrownGordon Brown will be campaigning in Glenrothes again today in a flying three hour visit - that will be nice for them. According to a spokesman, Brown will tell factor workers that:
"Big, international companies are more likely to have their headquarters in Scotland because Scotland is part of the UK."
Is that why many UK based companies are leaving in their droves for places like Ireland? I think the truth of the matter is that if Scotland did get independence, then the first thing Alex Salmond would do is to lower his country's level of corporate tax to match that of other competitive nations.


Travis Bickle said...

Anyone who is "lucky" enough to have invested in Scottish commercial property over past couple of years will know the real truth. In some cases you can't even get tenants if you offer them a lengthy rent free setup period!

James Higham said...

Would be interesting to see.

Travis Bickle said...

Well Campbell is certainly back in the fold, getting Simon Cowan to announce on x-factor about the VAT "exemption" that Darling announced earlier in the week. Shameless cunch of bunts.

2345 said...

travis bickle,

Not so - Mr Cameron presented his proposal to Parliament two weeks ago.

Darling sent a delegation to Japan for advice on how to cope with meltdown due to labour's disastrous lack of regulation. Brown took the credit for Japanese recommendations to privatize ALL banks. Darling's done the same with Mr Cameron.

Labour's sole aim is to keep it's greedy 'snout in the trough' at taxpayers' expense !!! It's always governed on spin and lies.