Monday, 3 November 2008

Bubbles: My theory on the creation of our universe.


What if our universe is a bubble? What if our bubble is connected to a bunch of other bubbles? - all connected by black holes. Imagine this bunch of bubbles all connected, all expanding and contracting to achieve a mass balance. Some low mass bubbles (or universes) are expanding as they suck matter from high mass bubbles. Is this why black holes are seen to suck in matter around them? maybe this is just matter passing from one universe to another?

Our universe is expanding from one point (the point of what is thought of as the big bang). What if that point is actually the other side of a black hole as seen from another bubble? - Matter passes into our bubble universe from another bubble's black hole and as our mass increases, our bubble ruptures, much like an hernia, and we pass matter through our black holes to bubble universes of lower mass?

We know that energy cannot be destroyed so all these bubbles contain all known matter and energy, and they are trying to reach an equilibrium. Eventually all the bubbles will reach equal mass and our universe will stop expanding. What would this mean for us? What would happen to time and gravity? I would be interested to know if all black holes suck in matter at the same rate - my theory would need them to all to be different - and each black hole's rate of swallowing matter would be reducing as the connecting bubble's mass equalises.

This theory still leaves one massive question to be answered. Where did all the matter come from?

p.s I'm not a scientist so I'm most likely talking bollocks. However if you imagine what I've described as a bunch of soap bubbles it does paint a pretty picture. And yes I have probably had too much to drink.


Travis Bickle said...

So are you saying we all live in a giant aero?

Daily Referendum said...

Not sure if it is plain or minty.

William Gruff said...

Have you seen this:
Horizon_Do_You_Know_What_Time_It_Is/ ?