Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bob Quick's Retraction on Conservative corruption claim

Bob Quick made a totally wild claim of corruption against the Conservative party earlier today. He has now issued a retraction:

Bob said in a statement: "I regret and wish to retract my comment regarding corruption. The comment was made as I was in the act of having to move my family out of our home to a place of safety following the article in today's Mail on Sunday."

Not good enough from the man leading Anti-terrorist operations in the UK.

The totally "un-biased" BBC put their usual spin on the story. They fail to quote Quick's full statement (the bit about Tories being corrupt) and surely, the main story now in this whole affair is the retraction?

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IanPJ said...

Although Bob Quick has now retracted his statement, is should be remembered that you cannot unsay things that you have said.

Bob Quick and his 'minders' at the ACPO need to be investigated at the earliest opportunity, as now 2 reports into Bob Quick and his policing methods have been 'buried' by ACPO colleagues.

Firstly, the report by British Transport Police Chief Constable Ian Johnston, also an ACPO member, has been handed to Scotland Yard but its publication has been blocked by Bob Quick.

BTP Chief Constable Ian Johnston concluded that "the arrests and searches were lawful". However, it goes on to say: "There are arguments, either way, regarding proportionality over the manner of arrest of a Member of Parliament but questions the method taken in this case. "He also raises concerns as to whether elements of the investigative approach meet current policy and best practice. These issues will be carefully considered."

Previously, in May 2007 vitually the same reason was given for not releasing a report into Bob Quick (whilst he was Chief Constable of Surrey) and his investigation into the death of recruits at the Deep Cut Barracks.

Between 2003 and 2005, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary carried out a major review of Surrey Police’s inquiries into the deaths of Ptes Sean Benton, Cheryl James, Geoff Gray and James Collinson. To date only 16 pages of the 150-page review have been released.

A Surrey Police spokesman said the force’s main concern was not its reputation by itself but that publishing the report “would be likely to prejudice effective investigative practice and judicial process”.

2 reports, 2 cover-up's. It should also be remembered that ACPO is a private Ltd company, not a police force or regulatory body.