Thursday, 12 February 2009

Commons liaison committee to force Gordon Brown to resign?

We've seen Gordon Brown's man (and former HBOS chief) Sir James Crosby quit over allegations that he ignored warnings that the bank's lending policies were dodgy to say the least. Former HBOS employee, Paul Moore, said he was sacked by Crosby for whistle blowing. Now Gordon must face the music in front of the Commons liaison committee. The committee, which is made up of the heads of all the select committees, will grill Brown for two and a half hours. Much of that time will be spent quizzing Brown on his part in the disastrous collapse of our economy under his stewardship.

I hope they nail him - nail him so hard that he is forced to resign.


John of Enfield said...

I agree with you but I think we are both dreaming!

What has amused me most however about the TSC sessions is the close comparison they seem to have with Stalinist Show trials. After expressing true sorrow & asking the state for forgiveness & throwing themselves at the Great Leaders mercy what next? The fiscal equivalent of "Diversity Training"?

I didn't watch the charade too closely but I am surprised that no-one asked about the effect of the regulatory systems & the effects of the Nu-Lab budgets, the low interest rate strategy etc etc. Nor about the speech (only last year?)by Gordon Brown where he wanted to encourage even more risk taking.

All this noise & the shit has not hit the fan yet. As we march towards 3.5 million unemployed, when EVERY family has a member who is unemployed, THEN Gordon Brown & his Nu-Lab cronies will be asked some searching questions and their spin on the situation will be vigorously opposed by the common man (as happened to Nulty last night on NewsNight).

Sean Lynch said...

The Idiot;
"we are taking the right actions to help hard working famblies in these difficult times. We are making the right decisions in these difficult times to solve this global crisis which began in America, unlike the Consorvativvs
who do nothing"
He'll just repeat his boring useless mantra and get away it most likely, one of the questioners should at least point out to him that the "Consorvativvs"
are not the guvenment so can't do anything anyway !

Sean Lynch said...

Correction: get away with it, sorry, touch of Brown's syndrome there,
(Def. inability to speak or express oneself properly)