Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Labour dirty tricks in Waddon council by-election.

From Croydon Today:

Labour has been accused of dirty tricks in the run-up to tomorrow's (Thursday's) Waddon by-election.

As part of its campaign the party is claiming the Tory council has a secret plan to build an incinerator at its Factory Lane recycling site.

But the Tories have firmly denied the claim, and are accusing Labour of scare-mongering to boost its votes.

Labour leader Tony Newman is defiant in his claim, however, ahead of what could be a tight election.

"What I'm saying is the Tories need to stop lying and come clean," he said.

Tory Phil Thomas, who is the council's cabinet member for environment and highways, is outraged at Labour's allegation.

He said: "Basically what they are trying to do is frighten the electorate by scare-mongering and unfortunately a number of elderly people have rung us asking if this is true.

"They are desperate. We would not consider building an incinerator.

"As long as you have a Conservative council you won't have an incinerator in Croydon."

Labour? dirty tricks? never!


John M Ward said...

I didn't even realise that Waddon had its own council — I'd guessed they came under Croydon…

Yup: all parties are quite capable of dirty tricks, though the LibDems are widely reputed to be the masters, and Labour certainly aren't above it either — as I have personally witnessed on a number of occasions in my own council area.

Around these parts the electorate are (mostly) far too sharp, though, and the Labour presence on the council has been in decline for years.

John M Ward said...

I've just re-read the linked local newspaper article that you quoted, and I'm sure they've just worded it less than clearly and Waddon does indeed come under Croydon.

Clunking Fist said...

I note you have some hattips or links to tractorstats blog. His blog seems to have been removed. It made me back-up my blog. The censoring of the interweb may have begun...



for a cache of his page.