Monday, 23 February 2009

ICM Poll shows Conservatives maintaining winning lead

This latest ICM poll reinforces the gap between the Conservatives and Labour. I think we can definitely say that whatever happens Gordon Brown will not be leading the next government.

Martin Bright says that those approaching Brown are warned not to mention the word legacy. Brown will be feeling immeasurably desperate to ride out this recession before he has to call for an election. Otherwise he knows full well that his legacy is going to that of destroyer of the economy.


John M Ward said...

Yes, the polls are being reasonably consistent so far this year, especially once we passed the first couple of weeks of 2009.

I record all the polls' headline results here and plot a graph of them. You might have seen the 2008 complete year graph, and I am doing the same this year, so I can observe any trends or other patterns.

Letters From A Tory said...

Even if the economy has stabilised by the beginning of next year, Brown will still be the one who gets blamed for dragging us down in the first place.

Well, I certainly hope he gets blamed anyway!

Anonymous said...

It's quite interesting to note that the polls are also showing that even die hard Labour supporters are calling for anyone but Gordon.