Monday, 23 February 2009

Chris Grayling: We are the party of Law and Order.

If you are going to read anything today, please make sure you read this speech by Chris Grayling: Labour is soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

Makes you proud to be a Tory.

I wrote this post on the subject in June 2007.


Cato said...

Brave words Steve. If he changed the shoulds and woulds into 'will' it might ring better.

Gwen said...

Which bits in particular made you proud to be a Tory?

Daily Referendum said...


All of it.

If you don't think there is a problem then I suggest you get out more. Preferably beyond the Maypole on the village green.

Gwen said...

I absolutely agree there is a problem – someone has just been near-fatally assaulted underneath that maypole in my small hometown.

I’m just observing that having to give ten year olds the 21st century version of a clip around the ear is, to me at least, a depressing necessity rather than an inspiring principle.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree. But what makes me proud is a senior Tory politician (possibly the next Home Secretary) saying that we have been far too soft.

There is one thing that Chris failed to mention, and that was the need (in the short term) for many more prison spaces. I think we will need less spaces (five to ten years) as the scrotes realise that we aren't going to put up with their crap any more.

Robin said...

Will any party be allowed to get tough on law and order, or will the civil servants in the Home Office water everything down that they have not negated by delay ?

Quiet_Man said...

How about romoving most of the 3000 laws labour have foisted upon us in the last 11 years as well as enforcing the ones we have properly before introducing any more new ones.

Sounds just like more soundbite politics to me.