Thursday, 5 February 2009

Queen should not apologise for selling Gollies.

It gets worse, not only is it now impossible to say the word Golliwog in public or private without being branded a racist, but now the Queen has decided she needs to apologise for selling Gollies. What's next? Dawn raids by the anti-terror police, tipped off that you might own a black doll?


JMT said...

I recently bought 2 in a charity shop - just for old time's sake before they were banned.

Foresight or what?

Interestingly they were also tagged with the CE label - obviously meeting EU approval for kids' usage.

John M Ward said...

It's all part of what is called "cultural Marxism" — a determined attempt to control language and attitudes to the point where complete Soviet-style control can become possible.

john problem said...

One suspects H.M is getting this confused with her corgis (gollies/corgis - quite similar really) who apparently widdle at leisure when taken out.