Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chipmunk cancels nuts giveaway - Doughnuts that is.

Hazel Blears has U-turned on a raft of gimmicks aimed at "empowering" communities. The most striking (and disappointing for many a fat, work dodging, Labour voter) is the cancellation of a free doughnut when you cast your vote in an election. It says a lot about what this government think of us if they think we will vote for doughnuts. Sadly it also says a lot about this country that some people would vote for doughnuts. But I suppose they have been doing just that for the last three General Elections.

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Sean Lynch said...

How can anyone sane be taken in by Labour talk of electoral reform, Steve, they've been in office 12 bloody years and done more damage than any other government to the fabric of our country, now instead of having an election they want to change the voting system, they just want to stay in power and with the help of the Liberals who are really just Socialists and an extension of Labour that is what will occur unless we use our votes effectively.
The only sure way to tell Brown and Labour where to go is to vote Conservative.
Labour just want to see us subsumed into a Euro superstate, the Conservatives do not follow that ideology and along with several other member states want to limit the power that Brussels would wield over us. Maintaining our independence.
To me, the talk of pulling out of the EC altogether is arcane and unrealistic and almost zenophobically in denial of our ancestry, most of us in England are Anglo Saxons after all!