Tuesday, 26 May 2009

David Cameron - New politics video.


Henry North London said...

He's lying You can tell Body language gives away a lot.

He is not going to do any of this as this is just a soundbite.

Daily Referendum said...

Henry, He may just be wondering if he can give all he is promising. I'm sure he would like to try.

An what if he does achieve most of it?

William Gruff said...

It's just another new sales pitch for a product that is still empty of any meaningful content.

Stonemason. said...

I believe him.

And we can all remind him as the months and years go by if things slip a little, my glass is half full.

wonderfulforhisage said...

And here is the great Follower (of focus groups) stumbling and mumbling and not answering a question on the Lisbon Treaty referendum from Andrew Marr.


One wonders if he understands what integrity is.

Sean Lynch said...

I know, here's a great idea, let's just elect Gormless Broon and Liebour again for another five years, they'll sort the whole thing out with an electoral stitch up that will ensure they along with the LibDums remain in office forever.
Voting for the minor parties might feel like making some sort of statement, it is though effectively a net vote for Labour,
what kind of sales pitch should Gorgon the Gorp play then "Gormless, ugly, nasty old cretin, five more years", jeez, the thought of that is enough to drive anyone to drink and despair.