Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Conservative party election broadcast. Cameron Direct.

LOOK: Don't forget to sign David's petition for a General Election. Click HERE.


Stonemason. said...

Listening to DC I know now why the Welsh Assembly don't want him to visit Cardiff. They couldn't compete with him.

Roll on the General Election.

Daily Referendum said...

I've said it before, but the more I see of Cameron, the more I like him. Brown is toast.

William Gruff said...

Does Grooovey Dave take questions directly from the floor or must they be submitted for vetting first?

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

I don't know. I thought it was an open question session. Can you make it to the get-together on Saturday?

William Gruff said...

Regrettably not: At weekends I serve alcohol rather than drink it (in a Blackpool seafront karaoke bar and lap-dance club). I'm also skint, unfortunately.

I hope the event is a success though, and repeated. No one can predict how things might grow but bloggers meeting socially may help in the formation of the sort of networks that enable intelligent resistance outside the political mainstream.

Best wishes for the day to all who attend.