Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Should Phil the Greek be worried? BNP Garden Party.

I cannot believe that Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, will be welcome at the Queen's garden party in July. He has been invited as a guest of Richard Barnbrook, a BNP member of the London Assembly. All London Assembly members have received invitations. However, I think that decision may be seen as a mistake on hindsight.

Is Phil safe, what with Griffin's policy of “voluntary resettlement” of immigrants?

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RobW said...

Probably got Big Phil's approval.

Anyway you can't have one rule for some and another for others no matter how horrible their views are.

Croydonian said...

As a bit of an aside, James Cleverly (who is a top chap, BTW) volunteered to sit next to Barnbrook in the assembly, because someone had to, and presumably making Barnbrook extremely uncomfortable in the process.

Daily Referendum said...


Freedom of speech is one thing, but I feel that they may look more legitimate by attending.

Daily Referendum said...


I do like James. Brilliant.

Sue said...

You would think that after nearly 12 years of the most oppressive Stasi government in British history that you´d all learned something by now.

This is a democracy (at least it´s supposed to be). The BNP, just like any other legal political party has just as much right to attend any function they are invited to as the Labour and Conservative party.

I am not a BNP supporter and if the other major parties are so worried about how popular they are becoming, then they need to address some of the fears that the electorate have.

The BNP are gaining votes on one major issue. It´s an issue whose name we dare not speak for being called racist. Immigration!
A new poll has revealed widespread discontent with the number of migrants coming to Britain.So, instead of playing silly buggers with daft websites and everyone whinging about it, DO something about it. FFS!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Griffin. A Tory vote is futile. Victory to the BNP!