Monday, 14 September 2009

Gordon Brown's lies - Tory cuts vs Labour investment PMQs video

Mandelson and Brown can lie all they want - this video speaks for itself:


Anonymous said...

Well what can you say. The poor PM is psychologically unable to admit error, responsibility or mistake. he surrounds himself with people who reinforce this. He is probably the primary reason for the expected Labour meltdown.
Interestingly, the PM has recently apologised..... something that he NEVER does. This was for the treatment of Alan Turing after the war. Of course, the PM knows that he cannot in anyway be held responsible for this, so he does not mind apologising for it. He should never, ever, take the role of Leader.
He is unsuited to leadership and he cannot communicate (hence Lord Mandelson's appearance). Perhaps the PM could outsource the leadership-role too!

Uncle Bob said...

Does Mandleson have some sort of pathological aversion to telling the truth. Look at Gordon then. He actually believed he was onto a winner there, now look at the sorry figure he cuts. He is a political dead man walking and unless he calls a snap election he will be gone by christmas.