Friday, 23 April 2010

General Election 2010 - David Cameron "Best PM" in Leaders' Debate

The media may be calling last night's leaders' debate a draw between Cameron and Clegg, but there was a clear winner - and it was David Cameron. When asked who would be the best Prime Minister, those polled picked out Cameron. Who would you vote for a the General Election - the man who you thought won the debate, or the man you think would be the best PM?

Average of polls:


Brown 31
Cameron 40
Clegg 25

Angus Reid

Brown 31
Cameron 37
Clegg 23


Cameron 40%
Brown 24%
Clegg 36%


Brown 35%
Cameron 33%
Clegg 26%


John M Ward said...

Good result; although I don't know how Devil's Kitchen got 5% after the recent fuss with him ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh dream on sunshine!

it's Clegg to help Labour stay in!