Thursday, 22 April 2010

General Election 2010 - YouGov Tracker poll - Tories back in the lead

Here is the latest YouGov tracker poll - out early:

Is this the first sign of the Lib Dem bubble bursting?

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Anonymous said...

The debates are driven by the press. In order to get stories, sell newspapers and make money.

Last week Nick's victory was selling newspapers, but the Brits are fickle, they get fed up of a story after a week (except obviously readers of the Daily Star who have been reading the same story every day for the last nine months without noticing... Pete hates Katie loves Pete loves Katie hates Pete.)

So this week what will sell more copies is Nick Clegg on decline, busted flush, down 2 points, finished.

They will have to find another story after a week.

Maybe they should try the Katie Price, Peter André story. .... :-)