Friday, 11 November 2011

ViewRanger GPS - Eartham Wood & Stane Street 12.3mile Circular

What is ViewRanger?

ViewRanger is the mobile app that will turn your smartphone into a powerful Outdoors GPS navigator, at a fraction of the cost of buying a dedicated GPS device. Plan, Plot, Navigate, Track, Locate, Record, be Guided, Analyse & Share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger.

Here is one of the routes that I've created and published on

A fantastic walk around Eartham Wood, Stane Street (Roman Road) and Bignor Hill (225m). Enjoy fantastic views and actually walk on a Roman Road. You will be amazed at how well preserved the road is in places. Walk a road laid almost 2000 years ago. Free Parking at Eartham Wood (Nearest postcode PO18 0NA) Cafe Toilets near Whiteways Lodge halfway around.

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