Sunday, 11 May 2008

Another Sour Sunday for Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown Prime Minister
The first thing Gordon Brown will think when he wakes up this morning will be: "today can't be as bad as last Sunday". He will be wrong, today will be one hell of a sour Sunday. First of all he will read about John Prescott claiming that he urged Tony Blair to sack him. Then he will read about the ICM survey for the Mail on Sunday which puts the Tories on 43%, Labour on 39% and the Liberal Democrats on 16% in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election. If he can find the will to read on he will discover that when Labour voters were asked who would make the best Prime Minister, 41% said Cameron and only 38% backed Brown. OMG - when your own supporters prefer the opposition's leadership to yours, you should surely start to seriously consider a career change.

Believe it or not, it gets worse. According to Louise Bagshawe post on ConservativeHomes CentreRight section, Frank Field has threatened Brown with "no confidence" over 10p tax. And she thinks he is deadly serious. This came up on Any Questions when Frank was pressed on the subject by Jonathan Dimbleby - the same Jonathan Dimbleby who will be reviewing the papers on the Andrew Marr show this morning - he is sure to bring this up.

I know you are thinking - Surely there can't be any more bad news for Brown today? Well there can - also appearing on Andrew's show will be one Lord Levy.

Shareholders of the Carphone Warehouse will be rubbing their hands together.

Note: the L does not stand for Listener or Learner.

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