Sunday, 11 May 2008

PoliticsHome PHI5000 daily online public opinion tracker launches today.

Press Release from PoliticsHome:

Today we publish the first results from the PHI5000 panel, a politically balanced group of 5000 regular voters across the UK, who answer a survey every day for the new website The tracker is powered by YouGov.

Regular findings from this pioneering new method of public opinion research – a variation on a giant online focus group – will be published from today on

Because the sample remains constant, and due to the daily tracker questions that are asked on a rotation system, subtle and immediate changes in public opinion will be able to be observed for the first time, without the margin of error of normal polls.

"Every day we track a whole range of political questions, parts of which we will release over the coming weeks," says Freddie Sayers, Managing Editor of PoliticsHome. "For the first time, we can say for sure that when a rating changes, real people have definitely changed their mind."

Visit for more details and for publication of new findings each day.

Go and have a look, today's results on Gordon Brown are very interesting.

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