Friday, 2 May 2008

Boris Johnson - Mayor of London 2008.

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London!

Magic our Boris!!!

Boris 1,168,738 votes

Ken 1,028,966 votes


Anonymous said...

Great result. Great 48 hours!

Daily Referendum said...


It was perfect.

Anonymous said...

The icing on the cake, what a week that was!
David Cameron, you will surely now be the next Prime Minister and restore sanity and sense to our land, repair our broken society give us back our pride and our strength, yes it is time for change!

Daily Referendum said...


For the first time in years I feel optimistic about this nation's future.


Anonymous said...

Bloody good news! Praise the Lord! Thank God! What will Red Ken do next?
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
elect a communist

someone who will work full-time
to destroy your country


kate said...

I voted Boris.....the first time i have ever voted blue.

Daily Referendum said...

Well done Kate.

Anonymous said...

Boris I am concerned that you are going to undo all the good things that Red Ken did. His congestion charge for instance is ground breaking. Make London the GREENEST capital it will be a brilliant scoop for the Conservatives!

Work hard for Londoners, the poor as well and make it a model of integration!

Jane Shepard