Friday, 27 June 2008

Henley voters give Gordon Brown an anniversary present.

Henley By Election John HowellOh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Not only did Labour get hammered into 5th place behind the BNP and the Greens, they also lost their deposit. No wonder William Hill have slashed their odds for Gordon Brown down to 3/1 for him to be gone by the end of the year.

Very well done to John Howell MP and everyone involved in this fantastic result. It's marvelous that the Conservative share of the vote increased in the face of a very strong Lib Dem campaign.

From the Times:

John Howell (C) 19,796 (57%, +3.5%)
Stephen Kearney (LD) 9,680 (28%, +1.8%)
Mark Stevenson (Green) 1,321 (3.8%, +0.5%)
Timothy Rait (BNP) 1,243 (3.6%)
Richard McKenzie (Lab) 1,066 (3.1%, -11.7%)
Chris Adams (UKIP) 843 (2.4%, -0.1%)
Bananaman Owen (Loony) 242 (0.70%)
Derek Allpass (Eng Dem) 157 (0.45%)

C maj 10,116 (29.1%)

0.81% swing LD to C

Turnout 34,761 (50.3%, -17.6%)

(2005 C maj 12,793)

David Davis for freedom


Anonymous said...

Steve, Labour truly are finished, they are going to get annihilated at the next election, they will have less MP's than the LibDems for sure, I really cannot see the shit for brains(please excuse the offensiveness) backbenchers putting up with a born loser such as Brown much longer, seriously!
As you said in a previous post, he is now so fatally weakened as to be the most ineffective PM in history, with constant u-turns and climbdowns, there really is no point in this pathetic creature continuing.

Daily Referendum said...


It's getting embarrassing now. It's a bit like watching that failed children's TV presenter from Little Britain.

Wikiwiki woo!

Anonymous said...

The bananaman and the other loonies must have run piss-poor campaigns to end up behind the Labour Party.