Thursday, 10 July 2008

Calling Haltemprice and Howden - please vote for liberty.

David Davis for freedomToday you the residents of Haltemprice and Howden have a unique chance to send the government a clear message. With each vote you cast in favour of David Davis you are telling our political masters that enough is enough - that they have taken your freedom and liberty for granted for the last time. To send this message, you will need to vote, so I beg you to please send a message from the nation to Brown.

It could you being fined for over filling your bin. It could you that gets locked up for six weeks without charge (innocent or not). It could be your DNA held on the national database without ever being found guilty of a crime. Your child could be one of the many thousands of innocent kids held on that same database. Gordon Brown will soon force you to carry an ID card, but to add insult to injury, you will be paying for the privilege through your tax to set up the scheme, and you will be paying direct from your pocket to buy your own card.

Did you know that you can walk the length of London without ever being "off camera", what's it like in your town? what will it be like in the future if Gordon's government are not stopped? Did you know that every time you ring the council, or when they ring you, that you are being recorded whether you give permission or not? Did you know that there are 266 powers allowing officials to enter your home? Whatever happened to our castles?

So please, I beg you again to go out and vote me, yourself and the rest of the nation.

David Davis for freedom
UPDATE: From the Telegraph: "Despite fears that a tiny turnout might affect the result, voters in Howden were queuing outside the Shire Hall in the sunshine as the booths opened at 7am." - I hope this is an indicator for the rest of the day.


James Higham said...

They will, Steve, they will. How can I get a badge for the sidebar?

Daily Referendum said...


I'm not sure. I made my own by copying the picture and hyperlinking it to David's site.

Letters From A Tory said...

I still have no idea how well a crushing victory for Davis will be received by the media.

Daily Referendum said...


No doubt not as well as it should.

Donal Blaney said...

If the weather is good we can hope for a decent turnout: it won't be spectacular but it should be adequate.

The authoritarians who want to trade liberty for security (and thus, deserve neither) are already preparing to claim that the low turnout means voters don't care about liberty and therefore we should go further. For some reason a skewed poll gleefully grasped at by Conservative Home (which endorsed 42 days on the day of the vote, giving succour to the Prime Minister in the process) is getting more attention than the evidently more objective ICM poll yesterday. Defenders of liberty need to be mobilise to face down the jackboot tendency quickly.

Daily Referendum said...


I just don't understand ConHome sometimes. It's a great site, but after the PMQs balls-up I would have hoped (like you) that they could have held their opinion until tomorrow.

If the BBC say there could be a recession, then the chances of one are greater for their input.