Friday, 25 July 2008

Glasgow East - I feel sorry for Labour Grassroots.

Gordon BrownNo, I'm not poking fun at the Labour faithful after last night's devastating defeat. I've been a member of the Conservative party for just over a year, and prior to that I was an out and out Labour supporter. Until about 2003 the Labour party could do no wrong in my eyes. However, I did realise that I was making excuses for their apparent inability to manage public spending. I was all for their increased expenditure in our services, and I believed that more money would bring top class health and education systems.

By the 2005 General Election I was becoming very disillusioned, but I was still willing to give Labour the benefit of the doubt. I hoped that after eight years of pumping money into our services and what seemed like endless reforms, that a third term in government would see them finally come to grips with actually managing what they had put in place. Of course I was kidding myself.

By 2006 I was totally disillusioned and was in a political limbo, not knowing which party to support. By 2007 I had been following politics for a while via the web, in particular through political blogs. It was about this time that I realised that my personal beliefs were more in line with Tory policy, in fact their policies were so good that Labour were stealing them.

In the last year the Labour party has crumbled further under Gordon Brown's leadership. Brown is not the man to be running this country, and some of the ridiculous policies he has pushed out have only turned (what should be rock solid) Labour voters against the party. His claims of being a great Chancellor have turned to dust as we realise that in the face of an economic downturn we have massive debt. If we have had ten years of being led by an economic genius, why are we so skint? When times were good Brown gambled with our money, he spent like an American heiress and borrowed more when his credit was maxed out.

In the face of defeat in 2010 it looks like Brown could be adopting a Scorched Earth policy by borrowing more and leaving the Tories with the bill. Unfortunately it looks like we could be stuck with Brown for another two years if the Labour party do not get their act together and put nation before party. If they want to stay in power, Labour need to find a way to get rid of Brown without triggering a General Election which they cannot afford to fight (however two unelected PMs would be hard for the public to swallow). If this proves impossible, then for the good of the nation, Labour need to get rid of Brown, call an election, and accept that they are going to be out of power for at least one term.

Even Labour's most ardent supporters must realise that two more years of Brown will do nothing but harm to this country. He must go.

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