Friday, 25 July 2008

Glasgow East by-election 2008 results. SNP win?

Gordon Brown L Well the talk is that there's going to be a re-count, bugger, it looks like it's going to be a late night. It seems the SNP have won it, but Labour aren't giving up without a fight. Good news for the Conservatives comes from the early estimate of a 10% share of the vote, that's up at least 3 points on 2005 and should see them leap-frog the Lib Dems. In fact the word is that the Lib Dems could lose their deposit (Oh dear, how sad, never....).

UPDATE@ 01:45 Looks like it's going to be a full re-count.

UPDATE@ 01:47 Could be a bundle count - Phew!

UPDATE@ 01:57 It's a full recount - Labour have called for it, seeing as there's only a few hundred votes in it. Result in 10 - 15mins. (ish)

UPDATE@ 02:07 Anytime now. Candidates and agents are gathering.

UPDATE@ 02:22 The results: SNP WIN!!! Tories take THIRD!!!

SNP 11,277

Labour 10,912

Conservatives 1,639

Lib Dems 915

Turnout 42%

What now for Gordon Brown and Labour?


James Higham said...


Letters From A Tory said...

I'm having a tough time on this one.

On the one hand, I really really really want Labour to get rid of Gordon Brown.

On the other hand, I really really really DON'T want Labour to get rid of Gordon Brown.

Mind you, I can still enjoy his humiliation after this result.

Mulligan said...

What now for Labour?

Gordon getting on with the job, spending every waking minute thinking how he can help hard pressed families through the Global crisis.

Meanwhile, according to Des Browne, Gordon has officially steered us through TWO rough economic periods already. (name them..)

So to answer your question, no change and they still don't get it.

Oh, and the "root and branch" believe the answer lies in very radical old Labour policies. Which of course will only hasten the end for Socialism in Britain, sadly the much worse spectre of European Socialism remains on the horizon as the evil empire grows despite little public support.

Guthrum said...

Also what now Conservatism and their new found Unionism ? When Nationalism rears its head and is more popular than the current circus there is much to be feared- Having a political doctine not based on economics or ideology- but on where you are born does not bode well for the future.

John M Ward said...

My own take on this is that the only way decent MPs can save the country is by putting the nation ahead of party interests, and forcing Gordon to call a General Election for this autumn. If that fails, then someone who will call that GE needs to be voted-in as Gordon's replacement.

It probably won't happen, but it is the only way to save Britain. We really cannot have another two years of Labour, especially now that they are apparently in "scorched earth" mode.

Anonymous said...

The problems in the East End of Glasgow is that Scotland discovered oil. Since 1974 the powers that
be in Westminster have deliberately disguised the truth of Scotland’s vast oil wealth from the Scottish
public. In conjunction with oppressing the people of Scotland to stop them reacting - this is the reason
that deprivation and poverty in Glasgow East and in other areas in the rest of Scotland has not improved
very much in 30 years.

Scotland should have been Europe’s third richest country
The Scottish Pound should have been worth a minimum of £1.20 to the English £1.00
The poverty in Glasgow East and other areas of Scotland should have been wiped out years ago

Since then a generation has grown up and they do not even know that Scotland is Europe’s largest
producer of oil, indeed a bigger oil producer than Kuwait.

A generation that does not realise that Scotland’s Oil (worth £12 billion per annum, 32million a day,
£11.574 a second) has been used to bail out Northern Rock and is currently being used to finance the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The web site contains the TOP SECRET report into Scotland Oil Rich Economy and
the recommendations to lie and deceive the Scottish People, as the extract from the report Westminster
does not want you to read, below explains...

The full significance of North Sea oil was not immediately apparent and it still remains in large measure
disguised from the Scottish public by the DTI...

If the people of the East End of Glasgow vote in favour of the Scottish Government which they have. The
focus on turning around the fortunes of these East Enders will be a top priority in order to showcase the
potential of an Independent Scotland governed by non Westminster influenced politicians, who will be
demanding that more of Scotland’s Oil money is spent on improving the quality of life in the East End of
Glasgow and all the other areas of Scotland that have been neglected by greedy Westminster
influenced politicians.

Please help your fellow Scot understand the truth.

Truth Teller

Daily Referendum said...


Yeah, and late nights.

Daily Referendum said...


Me too. However, I think I would enjoy seeing the back of the idiot. And we'll win the election whoever Labour chose to replace him.

Daily Referendum said...


Spot on. All this rubbish about Brown is taking our eye off the real ball - the EU.

Daily Referendum said...


I think Brown will be forced out and his replacement will tough it out when it comes to claims of being unelected. Some of the grass roots are saying "so what, it can't get any worse".

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for that. An interesting comment worth looking into.

Daily Referendum said...


Agreed, but that is two chess moves away and I don't think people have considered the consequences. A bit like the mess that devolution turned out to be.