Thursday, 11 October 2007

Question time 11th October 2007

It's a cracker, I'm watching it now. Put it on and enjoy! Kelvin MacKenzie the former editor of The Sun has just started the debate with a full five minute attack on Gordon Brown - superb.

Well how do I feel it went? There were no surprises. The audience's questions all seemed to question Gordon Brown's actions of the last week and his position on the EU Treaty. I didn't envy Harriet Harman tonight, she had lie in front of the nation by repeating the same old drivel that has been spouted since Brown bottled it. In contrast, Caroline Spelman had an easy ride and at times just had to sit back and listen to the audience booing Harriet. I'm sorry but with the LibDems sitting at 11% in the latest Mori poll, Simon Hughes would not have been missed. Chuka Umunna of the Brownite thinktank Compass was trying his best to stand by labour's position. He's obviously a very bright young man, but as the show went on, I think he found it increasingly difficult to remain partisan.

All in all I think it is just another occasion that labour had to struggle through to get it over with. I don't think tonight's programme has done anything to repair the damage of the last week and Harriet will just be glad to have put it behind her. What did come out of the show was an indication that David Cameron may well be on the receiving end of The Sun's support in the future. Kelvin MacKenzie however did himself no favours with an over enthusiastic attack on the Scottish. He may well regret that in the morning.

The QT extra show with Iain Dale and Derek Draper was worth staying up for. Draper showed his form as an ex-spinner and tried to shout down Iain with some very tired old Labour mantras. Iain did well to keep as calm as he did and came out on top. It was also clear from the emails read out by the presenter, that the public are not exactly in love with Gordon just now.

A good night for the Conservatives me thinks.

You can watch this weeks Question Time by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how well it all went down here in scotland though! Kelvin's comments were downright racist against scots! Don't know who named him but they must be spinning (in their graves not soundbites!)

Daily Referendum said...

Yes and Kelvin was doing so well up until that point. I bet this initials aren't P.C.

William Gruff said...

A Scot calling an Englishman a racist is more than a little ironic. Pots and kettles come to mind. No one who has ever spent any time in Sc*tland (I worked there for two years) will have any sympathy for Jocks with bruised egos.