Monday, 24 December 2007

Eight Wishes for 2008

I've been tagged by the Thunder Dragon to do Iain Dale's eight wishes for 2008 meme. I've also got to tag five people to do the same. If you don't like memes cry me a river - it's Christmas.

1. An English Parliament.

2. Gordon Brown to suffer the same pressure he put on Tony Blair.

3. For David Cameron to promise that he will not sanction any Green Tax that will in anyway hit my pocket.

4. For the Man made climate change myth to be seen for what it is.

5. Get more involved in local politics.

6. More gardening.

7. The rest of Europe to pull their weight when it comes to peace-keeping.

8. Political correctness gains some sense of sanity.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


I tag: Mr Gruff, Grendel, Kate, Andrew and Jeremy


Richard Madeley said...

Merry Christmas, Steve. And all the best for the New Year.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Dick,

Same to you mate - the same to you.

lewisham kate said...

Hi steve does it have to be political? Its gonna take some thinking about.

Daily Referendum said...

No Kate, it can be anything you wish for. It doesn't have to be about boring political stuff.

Beaman said...

Merry Christmas Steve. Some good wishes there.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Beaman,

And a Merry Christmas to you.

jmb said...

Merry Christmas Steve. Sound like some good wishes to me.

Anonymous said...

With only eight things to choose, I would never be able to make my mind up. The government not losing any of my data, the government to stop the sleaze, the government to save the NHS....

Merry Xmas and thanks for the great blog.

robin said...

1; leave the EU

2;Hang the senior civil servants.

3;Get a sense of business in this country.

4;Elected chif constables

5; elected judges

6; ignoring the do gooders

7;taxes lowered

8;Arevolution so the people regain all liberties.

And a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you, Steve

Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Steve

No referendum on the list!!!!!!!!


Grendel said...

Done and thank you for asking.


Anonymous said...

I have 8 wishes ...and they all end with Goron's rear sphincter being stretched by a large/rough/hot object

Daily Referendum said...

Mrs SP,

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I was trying to think of what to put in the list and I missed out the one wish, which could turn out to be the most important.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Robin,

Great list. Hope you are having a good holiday.