Saturday, 14 February 2009

ComRes Poll - Labour move towards third party status.

Another good poll for the Lib Dems sees them only 3 points behind Labour. The jungle drums will be beating around Westminster for the next few days.

How can Labour possibly hope to win an election if things get worse and they are pushed into third place in the polls?

Are you ready for a snap election?


Anoneumouse said...

The Lib Dems could form a credible opposition if they aligned themselves with the 'other'

John M Ward said...

Yes, the trend is becoming well established now, when one looks at the figures from successive polls from different pollsters.

Personally, I think it would be interesting to have Labour pushed into third place, as a warning to everyone that those who behave the way they have will get their come-uppance in no half-hearted fashion.

Anoneumouse's suggestion is interesting, though the LibDems will still need to have more MPs themselves than Labour, post-election, if they are to become the official opposition to the (presumed) incoming Conservative Government at that time.