Monday, 18 May 2009

Update: Conservative bloggers get-together (piss-up).

Just a quick reminder of the Conservative bloggers get-together/piss up. From the comments and emails I've received it looks like Saturday the 30th May would be the most popular. The meeting place will be St Stephen's Tavern in Westminster (opposite Big Ben) at 1200. This is an informal do, not a strategy meeting. It's called a Conservative blogger's piss up but it is open to anyone really - other bloggers and those who visit and leave comments (the important people).

I hope that those who have shown interest can still make it, it would be great to be able to put faces to names. Also, it should be a good day out if you fancy a bit of sightseeing. You will be sat 20 yards from Big Ben, you are also within a short walk to the London Eye, Westminster Palace, the Cathedral, a few of the top museums, Downing Street and a host of other points of interest.

This should be a great day out for a bit of a laugh, a drink and possibly a bit of culture if that's your bag (man). See you there!

P.s Can you leave a comment if you are able to make it. Can you also mention it on your blogs, or comment on blogs that you read.

Cheers Steve.

Those indicating that they would like to attend (so far):

Graeme Archer English Guy Benjamin Gray tim for change King Athelstan Harry Hook richardwillisuk Daniel1979 CherryPie Henry North London James Higham Man in a Shed Cato The Boiling Frog Simon Emmett Gallimaufry Croydonian Theo Spark. Tony Sharp.

St Stephen's Tavern


Croydonian said...

Sounds like a laugh. I'm in.

Daily Referendum said...

Nice one.

The Boiling Frog said...

I'm in.

Not that I've told the wife yet - I might do the old; 'just popped out for a pint milk' post-it note on the fridge trick.

Daily Referendum said...


I've got permission, but she's not totally chuffed.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I might well wander along too. Depends whether I've been paid...


Daily Referendum said...

Nice one DK, hope to see you there.