Thursday, 4 June 2009

Off to Vote! - Go Conservative.

I've not been up long (on nights) and I'm just about ready to go and do what many have fought and died for around the world. I'm going to use my democratic vote. I like voting, there was a long period in my life when couldn't vote in person (in the Navy). Today I will be voting Conservative. My reasons for staying loyal to the party that I'm a member of are explained HERE.

Don't forget to vote.


John of Enfield said...

I share your delight & pride in our ability to vote - so I voted first thing this morning.

However I have become greatly incensed during this Government's term of office by their criminal relaxation of the regulations around postal voting which have led to so much abuse recently. They maintain that they have to make it easier and easier to vote because of a reducing propensity to do so.

My view is that the New Labour "communications method" of creating dividing lines and smearing all their opponents is what has really put people off.

I voted Conservative.

Sean Lynch said...

Good for you mate, I'll be voting Tory and so will the wife, I just think that voting for the 'others'
is a wasted vote, however worthy
they and the people that choose to vote for them may be.
If the main opposition was fragmented into various factions it will add to the chaos that we are already deeply mired in.
I believe that to be a Conservative is to be part of a broad church of centre right opinion.

Andrew Allison said...

We too have voted Conservative. Walking to the polling station together gave me some pride. I too love voting and it must be in person. I don't feel the same if it is a postal ballot. I think it has something to do with the public demonstration of exercising your democratic right and responsibility.