Friday, 24 July 2009

Norwich North - A message from David Cameron.

This is an email sent out from David Cameron to party members on the mailing list:

Dear Steve,

I'm on my way back from Norwich after celebrating Chloe Smith's historic victory in the Norwich North by-election. No-one was predicting a victory on this scale. A Labour majority of five thousand turned into a Conservative majority of over seven thousand.

I'm proud of the campaign Chloe fought here - not just because of what it achieved, but because of how it was conducted. Chloe fought this campaign in a positive way about the issues that really matter to people on the doorstep. In contrast, the Labour campaign was full of lies and half-truths. It's time they learnt the lesson that trying to scare people by lying about your opponents does more damage to you than it does to them.

But people don't just want straight talking on a local campaign level. They also want politicians to tell the truth about the challenges facing us as a country. They want to see that we recognise the change we need to bring to our politics, society and economy. That's why the Party that was frank and open in this by-election was the Party that won it. And that's why we need a General Election, so the rest of the country can have a chance to vote for the Party that will bring that change.



Sean Lynch said...

I believe in him Steve, he has heart and soul and guts and he's going to be our next Prime Minister and he is infinitely more intelligent and capable than that mong Gordon Brown.

Valerie said...

I never doubted that Norwich would finally see sense. Honesty is definitely the best policy.

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy Labour lost their seat. I've even done a little poem in celebration of it and just for you Steve, here it is;

A young gun tory called Chloe Smith,
Wiped out Labour and their safe-seat myth.
Voters came out and gave Labour a bashing,
Shame on Labour, another big thrashing!

Arrogant Labour lost their ‘safe’ little seat.
Congrats to the voters - mission complete!!
Now call the election, you Prime Mental freak,
So we can throw the rest of you, out on the street.

James Higham said...

The people have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Climate change denier?

Don't advertise your ignorance like it's a virtue.

Fuckwit. What fucking planet are you on? Is your approach to all policy to toally ignore 99.9% of expert opinion?

Well, yes it probably is.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what do you have against hyphens, you illiterate chimp?

You really should buy a grammar book, read it and start using a few.