Saturday, 31 May 2008

John Howell selected to replace Boris.

Oxfordshire County councillor John Howell has been selected as the Conservative candidate hoping to replace Boris Johnson as Henley MP. John, a member of the Oxfordshire county cabinet and the representative for Dorchester and Berinsfield, was selected ahead of Ann Ducker and John Cotton. Also a parish councillor in Warborough, John was made an OBE in 2000.

The election should take place in the next two or three weeks. John said: "For now I just want to say that it is a huge privilege to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for my home constituency. “I plan to spend the next few weeks talking to as many local people as possible about the issues that affect us all in South Oxfordshire."

Good luck John Howell.

I wonder what form of idiocy we can expect from the Labour campaign this time around.


Quiet_Man said...

They don't stand a chance anyway so I expect it to be played nationally rather than locally. I doubt they'll go for the toff campaign again, but I do expect more personal attacks on Cameron and his "lack of policies". As if the Tories are going to give Labour a lifeline by stealing them. I also expect labour not to highlight Gordon Brown in any way shape or form.

IanPJ said...

Please don't forget that the Libertarian Party will be putting forward a candidate in Henley.

This will be the first public test of Libertarian policies, and will be challenging the Tories and LibDems to justify their near identical policies and spending plans to those of Brown.